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2 years ago

Ep. 106 - Detroit's Own Cecil Hotel (Hotel La Salle, The Shooting of Jerry Buckley, and Bloody July)

Hotel La Salle, The Shooting of Radio Broadcaster Jerry Buckley, and Bloody July

Join this week and Jess and Alex still can't stop thinking about pizza, chat quickly about what their watching, and sip on some Truly Punches. Then Jess tells many stories about what she's decided to call Detroit's version of the Cecil Hotel; The Savoy/Hotel La Salle/Hotel Detroiter/Carmel Hall. How did famous early radio broadcast celebrity Jerry Buckley meet his death in the lobby? What else was going on that gave July 1930 the nickname 'Bloody July' in the city? What final discovery in the 80's led to the building being closed for over decade before it was demolished? Tune it to find out all this and more!


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