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2 years ago

Ep. 66 - Death Carnival (Abolishment of the Death Penalty in MI)

The Abolishment of the Death Penalty in Michigan

Join us this week as Jess & Alex record on Halloween! They talk costumes, movies, and of course a little Tik Tok. Then Jess tells Alex all about Stephen Simmons, who at the age of 9 sat across the road as George Washington was sworn in as the first President of the US, but he wasn't destined for civic involvement like many of his siblings. Eventually he would move from the East Coast to the Michigan Territory in the early 1800's in search of land along with his wife Levana and their many children. What would he do that would make his otherwise unknown name be recorded in history? What would a jealous rage cause him to do? And, how did this change the landscape of the Death Penalty in Michigan? Tune in and find out.