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3 years ago

LIVE Ep. 23.5 - It Follows @ the Film Lab

w/ special guests Nellie Smydra, Jess Gillette, & Kimberly Leitz

Welcome to our second LIVE RECORDING! Listen in as Jess and Alex have a blast talking about Urban Legends, Friday the 13th AND the movie It Follows. They sip on some Corpse Reviver #2's made by the talented bartenders at Hamtramck's Film Lab and welcome special guests who worked on the movie; Kimberly Leitz, Costume Designer; Jess Gillette, Key Hair Stylist; & Nellie Smydra, PA.

Special Thanks to: Justin Vieira, Patty Rooney, Lara Sfire, Josh Gardner, Rebecca Greene, Jess Gillette, Nellie Smydra, Kimberly Leitz, & the Bartenders/Barbacks at the Film Lab