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1 year ago

Ep. 110 - Same Architect! (A Tale of Two Spooks)

St. Agnes Cathedral & Detroit's 6th Precinct (McGraw Station)

This week Jess & Alex meet mid-day to record and chat about what they've been watching in the past week and decide to sip on some hard ciders to get into the fall season. Then Jess tells Alex two stories about some buildings in the city with rumors of paranormal activity; St. Agnes Cathedral & The Detroit 6th Precinct (McGraw) Building. What do the two building surprisingly have in common? (You can probably already guess) Who visited St. Agnes in the 80's that filled the seats once again? And what caused 5 workers during building clean up at the old 6th precinct building to quit on the spot? Join us to find out!

And of course...


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