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2 years ago

Episode 100! A Very Special Episode with a Very Special Guest (Karen Dybis!)

The Masonic Temple wsg Karen D!

This is it! Our 100th episode! We're so excited to share this milestone with y'all and even more excited that Author, Reporter, & Writer Karen Dybis was able to join for the fun!

In this episode Alex and Jess talk with Karen D, and even have a small clip from the first time she was mentioned on the show, in EPISODE 1! They talk about favorite strange tales in Detroit and the wonder that Detroit is while finding out a bit more about Karen's Journey into writing about it. Jess & Alex then go on to tell Karen about the history of the Masonic Temple. What unfinished spaces lie in the largest Masonic temple? Who may be haunting it? And, what conspiracies are there about the freemasons? Tune in for this and more!

Karen D IG & Twitter: @karendybis


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