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3 years ago

Ep.40 - Death is the Doorman (Yondotega Club)

In Episode 40 Jess & Alex sit down to a nice zoom chat with better equipment set ups as they talk about what movies & shows they've watched to keep themselves occupied during quarantine. They share their Quarantini's with each other (Rum & Crystal Light, Tequila Sour) and Jess tells Alex all about Detroit (and one of the World's) most exclusive clubs; the Yondotega. The club has been around for over 100 hundred years, doesn't say much about their selection process (other than you need to be a gentlemen who does gentlemanly things), and new members are only selected when a previous member has passed away. Why did they have to go to trial in the 1930's? Where are they located? Who pays for their parties? Tune in and find out!